Austin + Rachel

One of my photographer dreams came true in 2020. Tori Connor with Tori Michelle Photography asked me to be a second shooter for her at a wedding in Denison, IA. She is such an amazing photographer, I have always hoped for the day to work with her. So, we road tripped to Denison... talked about God, relationships, family dynamics, photography business and so much more. I was PRAYING to GOD for His creativity to work through me that day. I wanted to do my absolute best for Tori, I wanted her to like my images! Well, when we arrived and started taking photos of the Bride getting ready, I felt my perspective shift while talking to Rachel. Yes, I want to impress Tori but... Austin & Rachel deserve my best. My job was to not take good photos FOR Tori, it was to deliver wedding images to this amazing couple that would tell a story of their love and connection with friends and family. I am so thankful for all that I learned at this wedding from Tori, It completely transformed the way I photograph weddings today. I hope you enjoy these images. Thank you!