we eloped

When I look back on my wedding day, I truly cherish so many moments. But their is one in particular that I love to share. We had a 90% chance of rain covering the mountains all day... The gloom of the day had us thinking of actually postponing until the next day. After talking with David, we decided... We're doing it. I cancelled my hair appointment and we told our photographer, "We're doing it! We're moving forward in faith believing everything is going to work out, ready to tackle whatever the weather may be." As I watched David run to the vehicle in a complete downpour, I had a moment where I thought, "I don't want to be naive, I just want to have faith that it will be okay." My mom encouraged me through the rollercoaster of emotions. After he was out of sight, it was now my turn to run to the car in my wedding dress. I was soaked. We drove up the mountain to the perfect spot, and just as we arrived, the clouds cleared, the sun came out.... We had an absolutely breath taking view. I couldn't believe it. It instantly brought us to tears because in that moment, we truly felt God's presence. After our ceremony was done, the rain switched on as if it was a light. David and I adventured in the rain for the rest of the time we had with our photographer. The fog grew, the clouds were in and out, and it RAINED like I've never seen before. It was messy, real, raw and everything I ever wanted. My dress was muddy, my hair was tangled, we we're both soaked from head to toe. It was our own little version of the notebook. Best decision we ever made.

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Video credit: Lena Gill Films

a huge hug extended and a high ten to this amazing team!

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