robby + Rachel

My family escaped a Nebraska snowstorm to celebrate this winter themed wedding in Texas. I will forever be grateful for the chance to photograph this wedding because, the people in it... are my family! Rachel is my husbands sister, and Robby is my daughters best friend. HA! If you peep through these pictures and see a cute blonde flower girl, she's mine. :) Robby and Rachel had the most beautiful day. It was really important to Rachel to get ready with her mom with out anyone seeing her; so she could have photos of the first look with her father, brothers, bridesmaids, and then of course Robby. Her father was first. Paul had his back turned so she could walk around the corner to see him. When Paul turned around, Rachel couldn't hold back the tears as her Dad looked at her with complete adoration. She leaned over to let the tears drip from her face instead of down her cheek, it was comical but truly such a special moment. I could continue to share with you moment after moment just like that... fully expressed, from the depths of her heart... but please just enjoy these photos as proof. What a wedding it was!