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I want you to feel connected to your wedding day.

As your photographer, I will not allow moments to pass without feeling.

I will not force moments with no emotion. I have a responsibility to you and your guests to document your relationship, the connection and the story.

You may be wondering what that looks like? Well, it means taking an extra 30 seconds before turning around to see your spouse... allowing the anticipation to ignite your heart! It could mean that we sneak away for a moment designed specifically for you to read the letter from your fiancé. It even means catching your mother or father looking at you on your wedding day with complete adoration on their face.

There is no where you HAVE to be. There is no where you NEED to go.

You need to only FEEL the moment.

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love is in the air

and it smells like coffee.

My wedding photography experiences are booked similarly to how you would order your cup of coffee. It's custom made with options for a single, double, or extra shot of photography services, just like espresso.

Packages begin at $2000. Most clients invests in our Grande package with 8 hours of photography for $2700.

Each package includes an engagement session, secure online gallery with hand edited images, and printing rights.


Where do you like to meet your potential clients?

For now, I am scheduling Zoom calls with clients. #Covid. But, it's my dream to meet you at Archetype Coffee, Hardy Coffee, Zen Coffee Co, Starbucks, Scooters... I think you get the idea. :)

how do you photograph the engagement session?

Engagement sessions are a great way to get to know your photographer more, and practice being behind the camera with your boo. These sessions should be FUN and unique to you as a couple. Let's go to the place you first met, the place you like to date-night to, or maybe it's the park you walk your dog everyday, or the coffee shop you visit on the weekends. Do you hike? ride bikes? paint-ball? Count me in - let's have some fun doing what you all love to do! Engagement sessions are included with each of my wedding packages.


So glad you asked! Start with the contact form below to get the ball rolling. I like to schedule a 15 minute zoom call to get to know each other and talk about your wedding photography. After our call, I'll send you a copy of the contract for you to review. If all is good, you sign and pay the $300 retainer fee and WAH-LA, it's a date.

what's the turnaround time for a wedding gallery?

I will deliver your online gallery with all the hand-edited photos with in 8 weeks of your wedding date. The anticipation kills me too, so I provide a preview gallery including 20+ photos with in a week!

Let's talk love!