Hi, I am sara!

I am so glad you're here. I'm the photographer! Hopefully, if you've gotten this far, you've already seen my face and it's not a surprise, but just in-case, here I am! Thanks for stopping by & taking an interest in who I am and what I'm all about.

I am an Omaha-based photographer, but live just outside the city.

I would describe my photography style as very laid back and natural. Through conversation and movements, you'll laugh, dance, get weird, and do something that that makes your heart beat a little faster. I give you the beautiful gift of going second too, having a charismatic and dare I say weird photographer builds character.

I believe you have something verify different than I've ever photographed before and photography for me is like the a journey of discovery. There are only so many angles, poses and pretty locations... and they've all be done before - but you are what make each photo special.

let's be friends.

more about me...

my better me

Let me tell you all... Jesus is my hope, but my daughter, is the tangible miracle I've been blessed with. I've heard Mom's refer to their daughters as their "mini -me's" time and time again, but when I look at my daughter... she is SOOO much better than I was, am or dream to be. She is my "better-me." I have no idea what I did to deserve her, but I thank God everyday for her.

My husband is my home and my adventure, all at once.

I love our Monday nights at home playing UNO or binge watching the latest series, our Tuesday evenings at gymnastic practices, our Wednesday dinners at our favorite local restaurants... and all the exploring and activities we experience from Thursday to Sunday. I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else... he is the glue that holds our family together. He's tender, yet leads with so much strength. I am so in love with this man right here, I just had to tell you.

“This is the season she will make beautiful things. not perfect things, but honest things that speak to who she is and The Who she is called to be!”

fun facts

What do you like most about being a photographer?

What I like most is about being a photographer is actually one of my greatest fears as well. There's that quote that says "You don't know what you have until it's gone." My fear is that moments would actually be gone before I know they are there... and what I like best is capturing moments where nobody was looking, when you were unaware of how special a moment was and because of the photo I took, you can now love it forever. I love that the most.

How would you describe your photography style?

Carefree, authentic, fun and joyful. I want you to enjoy the moment we're in no matter the circumstances. When things get messy or don't go as planned... We still choose joy! I still take the picture! As your photographer I ask you throw all your expectations out the window for how you think the session should go and be powerful in your openness! Being open allows your confidence to shine; you shape the behavior of those your with and that is where the magic happens.

how do you connect with your clients?

As an introvert, I believe I have 2 very great skills that allow me to connect with my clients. 1. Asking Questions 2. Listening. I am very intentional about leaving space to not just scratch the surface of who you are and how you love, but to dig deeper and get to know each other on a much personal level. I use client questionnaires that lay the foundation of our session conversations and then it takes off in any and every direction you choose. :)

What advice do you have for clients before their session?

Don't treat your photo session like another errand you have to run to. Saying YES to a photo session means you're saying NO to something else. Be intentional and expand on the time you get with your family. Investing some extra time to connect as a family before your session really enhances your connection in front of the camera. Planning a fun activity for after your photos gives everyone something to look forward to and fuels excitement the whole time we're together!


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