01 / 25

What an incredible milestone for you worth celebrating. Congratulations on graduating from high school!

These years have certainly shaped you and while everyone is focused on what you may do next...

As your photographer, I'm going to ask you to do something different.

During our session, you can take a break from preparing for the event after the event, and together we'll work to creatively experience the now and celebrate your potential and passions.

Think about it. You're reaping some good things you've sown.

I want your senior photos to reflect characteristics that you've spent these years building. I want them to be absolutely rooted in who you are, but at the same time speak to your future.

It's not about what's trendy, what's cool or whatever is the latest and greatest.

Dial in to yourself, be creative with your uniqueness. We'll have some fun honoring moments and memories of these years. We often look back on our childhood at this stage and we wonder why we we're so weird?! Let's stay weird for this moment.

And If nothing else, having a weird photographer builds character. :)

Pricing & Packages


60 Minutes of Photography
2 locations of your choice
2 outfits
75+ Edited Images



2 Hours of Photography
3 locations of your choice
4 outfits
100+ Edited Images



When should I schedule my senior photos?

Typically Senior Portraits are taken the summer before your Senior year. However, you're not just a typical senior. As long as your school & yearbook policies don't have deadlines, you've got 4 seasons here in Nebraska... Let's pick your favorite!

when will I receive my photos?

I promise you'll have your photos with in 4 weeks, but the anticipation kills me too so expect to see some sneak peaks or maybe a preview gallery with in a week!

can I bring someone to my session?

Totally! In-fact, I suggest you bring someone! Whomever you choose, make sure you're comfortable around them. We're going to be silly, it's going to be fun and we may get weird. You need a hype-man/woman to support you through it all. Warn them ahead of time, they should come prepared to have their photo taken as well.

own your weird here