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Can you believe it? These people are YOURS!

What a beautiful connection you all share. I'm actually obsessed with it. I'm assuming, that if someone told you, "Name 3 things you value in life." Your family would be one of them. Whomever is reading this today, I believe you hold the magic. You've had it on your mind for a while now... "I need to schedule family photos." Which means you bring people together. You're my kind of people. :) As your photographer, I am not here to just capture a photo of your family together. That's not good enough.

Your family deserves REAL & AUTHENTIC moments that tell a story of how you all love each other.

A family photo session is not another appointment on the calendar you're running to and from. It's a day-date for you all to enjoy time together. I encourage hugs, tickles, "I love you's" and so much more. It's a time you get to connect with the people you love. It's an experience your family will walk away from and say "That wasn't so bad."

The days of family photos being dreadful are O V E R. Let's PLAY!

Pricing & Packages


30 minutes of photography
40+ Edited Images
Online Gallery
Printing Rights



60 minutes of photography
6+ family members
60+ Edited Images
Online Gallery
Printing Rights



What time do the sessions take place?

I like to schedule your session an hour or two before the sunset. I'm sure you've heard of this term called "Golden Hour." It's that beautiful light right before sunset that makes every photographers heart skip a beat. However, if you (or your kids) are morning people, I'll photograph at sunrise too.

What if it rains?

Let's make that quote about dancing in the rain come true. Umbrellas are fun, puddles splash joy. Let's do it! I rarely reschedule for rainy days. The only time you can really expect me to reschedule is due to the wind. We'll be in touch the day of the session if it needs to be rescheduled.

when will I get my photos back?

I promise your photos in an online gallery with in 2 weeks. The anticipation kills me too though, so expect to see a few sneak peaks or a gallery of previews.

there's no better time than right now...