Abi + Nate

There is something so incredibly beautiful inside these two humans. I'm convinced their love is different. So many people feel love in their hearts right, but this engagement session seemed so much deeper than that! Their love is felt in their soul. They appreciate what others would just pass by. There was a moment during their engagement session that hit me hard. I had them laying in the leaves tangled up in one other and Abi turned to Nate and said "The leaves smell so good." I had to stop taking pictures and just tell them how obsessed I was with how they don't let a moment go by without truly experiencing it and then sharing it. One could lay down on the ground and get up with out the though of how the leaves smelled... I don't want to be like that... I want to be like them. Intentional with every single moment and sensing the beauty in it. I couldn't wait to share this session with you all and get it on the blog. Enjoy these two old souls!