Nebraska is kind of known for it's crazy weather, we huskers joke that we can experience all 4 seasons in 1 week. The morning of Cinco De Mayo, I checked the weather like I always do and it was gloomy and cloudy all day. I knew Munica had her heart set on sunset pictures so I reached out and offered to switch her date since my golden hour app told me there was a measly 21% of a colorful sunset. She stuck to it and had faith the sun was going to peep out, and BOY did it! The golden hour was the goldenest hour I've ever shot!!! THEN, since it had rained off and on all day and there were some showers we traveled through on the way to our location, a RAINBOW appeared. It was the perfect evening, I was speechless. These photos look like they were taken on 4 different days, ha! Enjoy!