Steve & Rachel

This rad couple is the definition of cool. Honestly, I first met Rachel about 5 years ago. Our paths crossed when she began caring for my sweet Stella. There was something about her that stood out, though I couldn't put it into words. I just knew I liked her from the get-go. She has a personality that is so R E A L. As time went on I got to know her a little more and soon, her boyfriend Steve. They responded to a model call I had for couples and I immediately took them up on their willingness to hop in front of the camera. There were so many moments I witnessed Steve intentionally show love & affection to Rachel, and it's as if time was in slow motion because her receiving his love and reciprocating it was beautiful. It was so clear to me how deep and real their love is for each other. I am ecstatic to photograph their wedding day in June 2021, to be in their presence again witnessing their love for each other!