There's a trend going around right now and everyone says "IYKYK," meaning... "If you know you know." I totally googled that. :) Anyways - it actually came to mind while editing this engagement session of Hannah & Zayne. If you know Hannah + Zayne, you totally know they're perfect for each other. Hannah is actually my cousin, so I know her VERY well. I haven't had a ton of time to get to know Zayne, so I was actually kind of nervous for this session. However, it was sooooo clear to me once we got started that these two were madly in love and I was just the third wheel with a camera. What a blessing it was to be witness to their goofy and flirtatious love, plus their intimate prayers for their future together. God did something good here y'all. Take a peak and see what He was up to during our session!